Culture and heritage

Living history of Delta region

Roots of life, seeds of future

Learning about the Ebro Delta’s culture and heritage gives you an insight into our history and our traditions, and into how we have got to this point and why it is important to protect the legacy we have inherited.

Museums, interpretation centres, guided tours and local celebrations (such as the rice festivals) are a wonderful way to learn all about unfamiliar themes such as the culture of rice, the culture of fishing, the culture of salt, the culture of lye…Discover stories of piracy, destruction and looting…Watch how peasants went about their manual work or how a cabin was built…but, in particular, discover first hand the unwavering dedication of our ancestors to get on and preserve the legacy of the Delta for our generation.

Discover the culture of the Ebro Delta

Museums and interpretation centres

Visit the various museums, interpretation centres and public facilities at the Ebro Delta National Park to discover our history, traditions and culture. See the public facilities.

Guided tours

One of the best ways to discover the local area is to follow a professional guide who will explain everything to you along the way. As long as you wear something comfortable and bring plenty of water, you’re good to go!

Mussel beds

Visit mussel beds not only to taste fresh seafood at the location in which it is collected, but also to experience the maritime nature that the Delta retains to this very day.

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