Aquatic activities

Blue routes in the river or the sea

Surge of vivid watercolours

The combination of water and nature provides the perfect setting in which to enjoy aquatic activities in the Ebro Delta. The tranquillity of the Ebro and the Mediterranean gives rise to a number of options and blue routes which will amaze and dazzle in equal measure due to the beauty of the contrasts.

You can take part in sustainable water sports, such as kayaking, kitesurfing, scuba diving, paddle boarding, etc. Or put your feet up with more relaxing options, such as river trips. Blue routes are the best way of travelling to exceptionally special places such as the estuary and the river islands.

Aquatic activities in the Ebro Delta


The wind and physical features of the Delta create the perfect conditions for sailing in safety. The setting is perfect for all sailing enthusiasts, whether you have experience of, or are new to, the discipline.


Whether you choose river or sea, take it from us that kayaking your way along the Delta waters is a fantastic activity to enjoy as a family, with a group of friends or alone.

River cruises

After its live-giving trek across an expanse of 1,000 km, the River Ebro enters its final stretch where a whole new set of discoveries are ready to be made. The river cruise is simply delightful.


The calm waters, shallowness and wind strength make this the dream location for kitesurfing enthusiasts. The perfect combination for lovers of this discipline.

Paddle surfing

No matter your age and physical condition, you can comfortably take up this sport which does not rely on wind or waves. Get to your feet and discover the waters of the Delta!

Mussel beds

You can travel to the mussel beds in several ways, including by kayak or boat. Behold the landscape and taste the sea!

Guided tours

One of the best ways to discover the local area is to follow a professional guide who will explain everything to you along the way. As long as you wear something comfortable and bring plenty of water, you’re good to go!

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