Association of Ebro Delta Ecotourism Businesses

Value, respect and preserve

We can only enhance the quality and sustainability of our tourism offer by working together.

Action must be taken to impress upon all stakeholders the importance of supporting local economic development based on business models which have a minor environmental impact, respect local culture and stimulate job growth.

Recognising the value of the quintessential qualities of our Delta breeds strength, authenticity, dignity and motivation. These attributes are key to preserving our intangible cultural heritage and natural heritage for generations to come.

Continuous training and supervision create a culture of continuous improvement at all levels, guarantee the right kind of development and consistently provide an effective response to any setback.

About us

The Association of Ebro Delta Ecotourism Businesses (AEEDE) is a private non-profit organisation of tourism companies based in the Ebro Delta. Our aim is to promote, coordinate and represent an eco-friendly tourism development model that is committed not only to the preservation of our natural surroundings and culture, but also to the development of local areas.

The AEEDE was formed in 2005 in support of Ebro Delta National Park‘s bid to obtain certification under the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST). To date:

  • Over 40 businesses have joined our association: they are all ECST-certified and serve as Information Centres for the Ebro Delta National Park.
  • We represent the Ebro Delta in the Ecotourism Club in Spain and on the Ecotourism Board of Catalonia.
  • We take part in, promote and/or organise numerous initiatives, such as the Ebro Delta Ecotourism Festival (every year) and the 2nd Ecotourism Forum of Catalonia in the Ebro Delta.

We are members of…

  • Ecotourism Club in Spain
  • Ecotourism Board of Catalonia
  • Ecotourism Board of the Ebro Delta
  • ECST Commissions in the Ebro Delta
  • Governing Board of the Ebro Delta National Park

What is ecotourism?

Tourism that involves travelling to or visiting relatively undisturbed natural areas with the specific object of studying, admiring and enjoying the natural scenery and any existing cultural manifestations (both past and present), according to a process which values conservation, has a minor environmental impact and promotes social and economic ties from which local communities can benefit (Ceballos-Lascuráin, 1993).

Source: Ecoturisme a Catalunya: una alternativa de turisme sostenible a la natura. – (Informes del CADS: 9)

Our motivation

The AEEDE strives to develop a consolidated approach to sustainable tourism in the Ebro Delta which fosters a sense of responsibility towards local areas, and to promote ecotourism as a future tourism model.

In our pursuit of these goals, we work alongside various stakeholders to enhance the quality of the region’s tourism offer, while contributing to local development and the preservation of the Ebro Delta as a protected nature reserve.

I want to become a member!


  • To promote the Ebro Delta tourism industry.
  • To raise the profile of the Ebro Delta.
  • To work with others on, and take part in, any initiatives organised by public authorities to promote the tourism industry.
  • To take part in and/or organise events with a view to promoting the values and objectives of the association, either independently or in conjunction with other organisations, entities or authorities.
  • To consolidate sustainable tourism development models across the Ebro Delta.
  • To help maintain the status of the region as a protected nature reserve, and to stimulate local development.

Ecotourism Ebro Delta

Ecotourism Ebro Delta is an innovative project spearheaded by the AEEDE. The primary aim of this initiative is to establish the Ebro Delta as an ecotourism hotspot and as a visitor destination characterised by its vibrant and exceptional year-round offer.

The Ecotourism Ebro Delta distinction is awarded with a view to achieving the following:

  • Improve communication, promotion and distribution of the sustainable tourism offer of the Ebro Delta.
  • Maintain the status of the Ebro Delta as a sustainable visitor destination.
  • Raise the profile of the Ebro Delta as an ecotourism hotspot.
  • Attract visitors outside of high season and offer longer stays.
  • Impress upon the Ebro Delta business community the importance of developing sustainable tourism business models with a view to maintaining the status of the Delta as a protected nature reserve.

Apply for the seal Ecotourism Ebro Delta

Help to make the tourism industry more conscious, responsible and sustainable, and gain a competitive edge in the process.

Find out more!

  • Raise your profile as a business committed to eco-friendly travel in the Delta.
  • Create the trust your visitors are looking for.
  • Throw your sustainable offer into the mix.
  • Strengthen your commitment to our local region, community and culture.

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) is European accreditation issued by the EUROPARC Federation to certify that tourism in a specific region will be developed sustainably in accordance with ECST objectives: recognising that the protected nature reserve is the legacy we leave behind for future generations and engaging in sustainable tourism practices in view of the environment, the needs of visitors, local communities and the business community.

ECST is not only a quality label. It is also an approach, a planning tool and a commitment that binds those responsible for managing the region in question, tourism companies and all other regional stakeholders.